Welcome! (and a brief history)

Here I go again… beginning my 4th new blog.  You can see where it all began by clicking here.  After four years at that site, (2008 – 2012), I ran out of picture space and moved to blog number 2, which can be found here.  Somehow I quickly ran out of space there and had to move to my most recent blog, blog #3, which was my home for the last 4 years and can be found here.  For me, blogging is therapy.  It helps me see the joy and blessings and even humor in the often challenging days of motherhood.  I began when I had just two toddlers, and can hardly believe they are now tweens!  I am excited to have the opportunity to continue blogging… it is my spot to record my favorite recipes, funny kid sayings, adventures in home schooling, special blessings, random ramblings, and everyday pictures of life.  Thanks for joining me here!