Mother’s Day 2016

Mother’s Day is such a tricky thing.  I can’t help but think of the hurting moms, the want-to-be moms, the single moms… I have been given so much and been so blessed, and this day is so special to me!  But my heart goes out to those for whom this day is difficult.

This year we were all together, which doesn’t always happen with my husband’s job.  The theme of the day seemed to be good food and time together.  Perfect.

mmd 1

My Crew:

mmd 2

Handmade, heart-felt presents: the best!mmd 3 mmd 4

Breakfast:  quiche, and raspberry kringle, fresh-squeezed oj, coffee with heavy whip cream.  Nom, nom.

mmd 5

Lunch:  tea party where each girl made a different kind of sandwich, homemade lemon bars made by Daniel and Sierra, macaroons, fresh fruit, and my favorite vanilla almond tea from Barbara’s tea house.

mmd 6

mmd 7

mmd 8

mmd 9

mmd 10

mmd 11

Dinner:  smoked ribs that Daniel spent the entire day on, grilled lobster tails, sautéed garlic spinach, and roasted potatoes.

mmd 12

Thank you, amazing family!  I’m the luckiest mama!  Oh, and catching this little guy was another “present.”  I found him in our chicken coop in the morning.  (He is no longer with us!)

mmd 13


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