Garden Update

It’s been a while since I did a garden update.  This is actually a very dated update — the pictures are from almost a month ago.  But, I want to record the progress, and so here goes…

gupd 1

Almost all of our potted seeds sprouted.  However, not all of them survived the transfer to the real garden.  Some were just too small… now I know!

gupd 2

We have a few boysenberry blossoms… which shocks me, because I had thought the plant died.  (Hooray for spring showers!)

gupd 3

gupd 4

gupd 5

gupd 6

The kids not only helped plan out the garden this time, but also helped plant everything.  This is mostly because we decided to enter our garden into the fair this year.  I am so glad my friend nudged me in that direction — otherwise, I probably would have done most of it myself!

gupd 7

We finished out our garden journals with sketches of our seedling sprouts.  Then we sent them off with the fair judges who came to see our garden.

gupd 8

gupd 9

gupd 10

We also painted some signs for each of our three garden boxes.  The kids really liked this part!

gupd 12

gupd 11

Finally, we completed a poster to turn in to the fair.  It turned out great, but we forgot to take a picture of the finished project!  **sigh**
gupd 13

Tomorrow we are headed to the fair to see our garden poster displayed and whether or not we won a prize.  I am looking forward to it!  The garden has grown quite a bit, though not as well as I had hoped — we are still suffering from leaf hoppers, that I just don’t know what to do with!  Not-to-mention other stuff that I don’t even know what it is.  It is definitely another garden “learning” experience.  (I was hoping last year’s troubles would be no more, but I was wrong!)  None-the-less, I love having a garden!


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