End of Year Presents

End of the school year… time for thank you’s to all those who pour into the lives of my kids: piano teachers, AWANA leaders, Co-op tutors, coaches, etc.  This year we were inspired by a trip to our church’s street fair, where kids could make their own terrariums.  I discovered we could make about 4 for the price we would have paid for one at the street fair.  And, they are super cute!

eoy 1 eoy 2 eoy 3 eoy 4

Cute story:  Sierra was disappointed that I didn’t buy one for her to make for her co-op tutor, (which is me!)  When we arrived for our final day of teaching, I was getting out of the car when Sierra handed me something; a hand-drawn card which read, “I love you.”  “This is for you to say thanks for being my tutor,” she said.  Wow.  All. by. her. self.  I love it even more than I would have loved an adorable succulent terrarium!


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