Garden Update

We have just a handful of fruit from the following; boysenberries, apricots and plums.  A handful is better than none, so I am grateful!

gaup 1

gaup 2

gaup 3

Our basil was doing poorly, but is looking like it may come back.  Tomatoes are growing; can’t wait!

gaup 4

gaup 5

We have lots of zucchini, but the leaves are starting to look “icky” like last year.  So… we may just enjoy the first several and get rid of the plant after that.  It is taking over our zinnias, too!  Carrots look beautiful.  How do I know when they’re ready?

gaup 6

gaup 7

Something is not quite right with our peas.  They are growing far too slowly.  Is it the cold weather we’ve been having?  We’ll see…

gaup 8

gaup 9

New pillows for our bench.  (70% off at JoAnn’s!)

gaup 10

My buddy still loves his sandbox, so no garden in there this year.  (I am glad — I’d rather have him out there with me than another garden box!)

gaup 11


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