Allison’s 11th Birthday

My first-born had her birthday this week, and we celebrated with a camping-themed  party/ sleepover.

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There are times when I plan and plan for parties, and other times when the Lord gives me last-minute ideas just in time.  This party was the latter!  Everything seemed to come together at the last minute.  I am so grateful for a God who helps with minor details!

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We had two simple crafts; wood-burned necklaces and felt camp flags.  Due to the heat, we also opened up the pool.  I thought perhaps swimming would mean nobody would want to do crafts.  Thankfully, they all enjoyed both!

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ab 17

ab 18

After crafts and dinner, the kids made their way back into the pool, so that is where we blew out candles and enjoyed cake!

ab 19

ab 20

For the first time, I didn’t do our normal routine while opening presents; have Allison sit in the birthday chair, have each kid come up one at a time with their presents, take pictures, etc.  (I couldn’t find my camera!)

ab 21 ab 22

Once most of the guests left, our four sister friends stayed the night with us.  We had been trying to plan a sleepover with them for months and months — finally, this worked!

ab 23

The girls even stayed in the tent all night.  (I, on the other hand, kept waking up worried they were cold!)

ab 24

Morning campfires; the best!

ab 26

Daniel blessed us with his awesome fluffy waffles, fruit, and sausages.

ab 27 ab 28

Unfortunately, I wasn’t around in the morning — I had a Bible Study that I was facilitating.  But, apparently the kids had a blast doing their own “improv,” and swimming again.  Such precious friends… I wish they lived closer!

Happy birthday, my sweet Allison!  I love hanging out with my special 11 year old!

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