Garden Update

Finally, I have some good news to report from the garden.  Our bell pepper plant, which was reduced to a stick by our hungry mouse the night before the garden judges came, is making a comeback!  We’ll se if we have any peppers!

gue 1

Cannot wait for the tomatoes to ripen…

gue 2

Our snow peas may actually be making a comeback, as well.  We’ve picked just a few, but they are yummy!  It is the best watching my kids get excited about veggies.

gue 3

Natalie’s sunflower is now officially taller than me.

gue 4

Sierra’s zinnia’s!  They are the first flowers we have ever grown from seed, and Sierra sprinted out of the house when I told her I saw the first blossom.

gue 5

gue 6

Malachi’s carrots.  I picked the first one and it was delicious.  The chickens loved the greens, too.

gue 7

The zucchini.  We’ve picked 6 so far.  I know zucchini is suppose to be easy and abundant, but we had nothing but trouble with it last year.  Things were looking grim again, this year — leaf hoppers, once again.

gue 8

But, now the zucchini is looking better.  The only thing I can think is this: spiders are helping us with the leaf hoppers.  There are far fewer leaf hoppers, and far more spider webs.

Now, I have to laugh.  This garden is always teaching me something.  We used to have a bug service come take care of our spider “problem.”  They haven’t been here in over a year, because we decided to go as organic as possible.  (They never did spray the garden area, but still….)   I wonder how many things we see in our lives as “problems” just because they are annoying, or maybe cause us fear.  Yet, they are for the benefit of our growth?


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