Day of Rest

It seems we have been going non-stop since school ended with play dates, visitors, VBS, etc.  Today was once again filled-up, but I decided we needed to cancel all plans and relax.  Best.  Choice.  This morning we got the house put back in order, as well as laundry done.  (Can you hear my sigh of relief?)  This afternoon, we played in the pool, (despite the yucky ashes from the nearby fire!)

dor 1

dor 3

dor 4

dor 5

The 3 youngest had a blast jumping off the wall.  Jump.  Crawl.  Repeat.  Over and over and over.  They called themselves the sis-bro-sis jumpers.  Meanwhile, Allison and I took pictures and played volleyball.

dor 6

dor 7

dor 8

Why do I not plan more “down days?”  Probably because we’ve been blessed with some really great fun days — but sometimes rest is so good for the soul!


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