One of the best parts of summer is when dear old friends come to visit from out of state.  When my friend moved to Texas a few years back, I was heart-broken.  We were next to each other in the hospital as we gave birth to our first girls.  (Unknowingly, another friend was also in the same hospital with us giving birth to her first girl!  Our first three girls are just hours apart.)  We all went on to have more kids and to homeschool.  We share the same values, and the same heart for raising kids in the Lord, though we no longer share the same home state.


Between us, there are now 11 kids!  We are blessed!


The day was spent mostly in the pool, with the temperature reaching 111 degrees.  But, the kids also had fun playing games, dressing up, coloring and playing together just like old friends…. even though we now see them just once a year!


My friend’s dad is an organic gardener, and she spoiled me with these incredible tomatoes.  (I have to fight my kids for them!)

Though we don’t see each other like we used to, it is such a blessing to pick up again right where we left off, and to have the opportunity to hug her kids and see how they’ve grown.


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