From a Distance

I mention my garden woes all the time…

frad 1

From a distance it all seems somewhat lush and lovely.  For that, I am grateful.  It does my heart good to be out and see green and color.

fra 2

But up close you can see that something is terribly wrong.  Much of what should be producing fruit is not.  Even though there is a problem with our zinnias as well, I’m grateful for one thing that seems to be doing mostly well.

frad 3

And the chickens… they can always make me smile!  We are starting to find some horn worms on the tomatoes, and the chickens couldn’t be happier — what a treat!

frad 4

I’m not sure if these will ever get ripe.  I actually had to buy tomatoes the other day.  It made me sad.

All this to say, gardening is once again a beautiful metaphor for how God wants us to live.  It doesn’t matter if we look good from a distance.  If there is a problem and we aren’t bearing fruit, what good are we to the Kingdom of God?  We need to invite people in to where they can see us for who we are; lush and lovely, yet spotted and wilting, as well.  My garden is certainly not producing much for our family.  But, there is hope. There is always hope!  God is a master gardener, and He will never give up on us!  I pray that I can learn from Him and continue to work on mastering my garden.


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