Malibu Camping

Sun-kissed faces.  Matted hair.  Dirty fingernails.  Smelly feet.  Exhausted bodies.  Washing machine running.  Stuff everywhere.  But, all worth it…

camm 1

camm 2

No sooner did we arrive, then Allison was plopped down writing in her journal.  This girl loves recording her thoughts and prayers!

camm 3

camm 4

camm 5

Triscuit was once again the sole mascot.  It is so nice camping at a group sir away from the crowds.  We didn’t have to leash Triscuit once; he was able to roam freely and was so happy!

camm 6

Fights over which mattress is whose.  Can’t always be a happy camper!

camm 7

camm 8

camm 9

camm 10

camm 11

camm 13

camm 14

We joined a crew of friends consisting of 20 adults and 27 kiddos.  Never a dull moment!  (And check out our bike collection!)  The first night we biked over to the beach as a family, but Natalie stayed behind with her new friends.  How crazy that she is growing up and chose friends!

camm 17

camm 15

camm 16

S’mores.  Of course.

camm 18 camm 19 camm 20

Day 2 began with a short hike along the trail near camp.

camm 21 camm 22

And then off to the beach…

camm 23

camm 24

camm 25

camm 27

camm 28

camm 29

camm 30

camm 31

camm 32

camm 33 camm 34

Rock climbing.  Boogie boarding.  Tide pool exploring.  Hermit crab finding.  Football throwing.  Beach walking.  Castle building.  Wave jumping.  It was a glorious (exhausting) day!  But, it didn’t stop us from going to the Ranger Show and seeing some cool animals or doing s’mores once again.  The next day we packed up and drove home.

Until next year!


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