Montana, part 1

We arrived to Spokane early in the morning, and were thankful for a hotel across the street.  The next morning, we had a wonderful breakfast just looking out at the beautiful skies.  We stopped in Couer D’ Lain for lunch, and then in St. Regis for Huckleberry milkshakes, Northwest Cherries, and some card playing.  I thought I would burst with joy!

mt 1

Just as we pulled up to the south end of Flathead Lake, we were greeted with this spectacular rainbow.  I took a quick picture through the car window.

mt 2

When we arrived at my aunt and uncle’s cabin, it was pouring outside, but super cozy inside.  There was a fire in the fireplace, smiles and hugs from family members, and hors’ deurves and dinner waiting.  I felt so spoiled!

mt 3 mt 4

My cousin Peter and his wife and their little John stayed an extra day to greet us.  Little John loved Sierra and wouldn’t stop hugging her. My cousin Katie was also visiting from Michigan and such a blessing to be with.

mt 5

I am so grateful my aunt and uncle blessed us with a wonderful week at their cabin.  Thank you, Carol and Gary!

mt 6

Lots more pictures to come…


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