Montana, Part 2

I’m realizing after uploading these pictures that I’m going to need several more Montana posts to get it all in.  I just can’t seem to edit down many pictures because 1) Montana is so beautiful and 2)  I want to remember every moment of such a fantastic trip!

mt2 1

Our first full day began with exploring our surroundings via kayaks.

mt2 3

mt2 4

My aunt and uncle had 5 kayaks for us to use, o we all got to go out at once; what a blessing!

mt2 5

I love their fire pit; an old propane tank end carved and re=purposed as a personal fire pit!

mt2 6 mt2 7 mt2 8

The water was… cold.  The weather was… not too hot.  But, swimming was still fabulous!  The entire trip we saw lots of rain, lots of sun, and cool temps; in my opinion the perfect weather!

mt2 9

mt2 10

mt2 11

After lunch on the deck and some more game playing, we headed out to Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp, which is less than a quarter mile from the cabin.  Throughout the trip, we took advantage of my old stomping grounds, where I once was a camp counselor and hiked the trails and played on the low ropes course.  This night we hiked up my favorite trail, “Sunset.”

mt2 12

mt2 13

mt2 14 mt2 15 mt2 16

mt2 17

It was so, so fun to have my cousin Katie with us this day.  I wish we could have kept her our entire time!

mt2 18 mt2 19 mt2 20

mt2 21

mt2 22

Family Christmas picture?

mt2 23

mt2 24

Check out the size of those dandelions!

mt2 25

We ate dinner at camp that night, and I was blessed to visit with some old counselor friends who had returned for family camp.  We stayed to enjoy the family camp activities.  Malachi spent most of the time napping in Katie’s arms.  Allison, Natalie, and Daniel liked the slack line best!

mt2 26 mt2 27

Around 9pm, Katie took Natalie and Sierra to campfire while the rest of us headed back to the cabin.  (We were all exhausted, but N and S couldn’t bare to say goodnight to Katie, yet!)

mt2 28

mt2 29

Bedtime snack.

mt2 30

Bedtime stories.

mt2 31

Goodnight, day 2!

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