Montana, Part 3

Mornings in Montana… glorious mornings!  Fire in the fireplace.  Always.  Something simple cooked by the husband.  (I did NO cooking or dishes while in Montana).  And card games… picking up where we left off the night before. Not a care in the world.  Glorious.

mt3 1

I don’t know who took the next picture, but I found it worthy to include simply because Malachi spent hours at that little glass table playing with one little box of Legos that were there.  Now I know; next vacation bring a little box of legos, for sure!

mt3 2

Day 3.  We actually made it out of the house by 10:15am and walked down to camp for their closing worship service.

mt3 3

mt3 4

Look who else came to worship!

mt3 5

mt3 7

Afterwards, we took the kids down to the jumping cliff to show them where they would be jumping later.  It was a tad cold, so they weren’t super excited, but we had talked about it so much before coming that they just couldn’t help but try!

mt3 8 mt3 9 mt3 10

We walked back, got our suits on, and kayaked to the mini cliff where they would jump. We were too nervous to bring our camera in case it fell in the water, but the picture of both Sierra and Malachi as they emerged I will never forget.  Poor things were in shock from the cold and almost in tears.  Brave Allison id it twice.  And, Natalie handled it  like a champ, but said never again unless it warms up.  Ha!  Great memory.

mt3 12

mt3 13

We came back and my Uncle Brook and cousin Johann arrived.  We munched on the Flathead Cherries they brought, and headed out on the pontoon boat with my other Uncle Gary.

mt3 14 mt3 15

Uncle Gary has such history with the lake, and is a wonderful tour guide!

mt3 16

mt3 17

mt3 19 mt3 20 mt3 21

Daniel made tacos for dinner.  Then we did s’mores for the win!

mt3 22 mt3 23

Sierra and Natalie set up a “rock trading shop.”  Uncle Brook broke the rock they gave him in half and claimed it was a faulty rock and he wanted to return it.  That rock now sits in our home; a favorite memory from the trip.  Sierra and Natalie call it a “best friend” rock, and each keeps half.

mt3 24

mt3 25

That evening before bed, (which was around 10pm since it stays so light), we looked out the window to see this fabulous rainbow.  Nobody could find the camera, so we realized it was left by the dock.  Sweet Allison offered to go look, and took this picture on her way back.  I’m so glad she did, because by the time she got back the rainbow was gone!

mt3 26

Another great day in Montana…


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