Montana, part 4

Day 4… alas!  Every one of my Montana posts I want to declare is my favorite for different reasons.  This day held absolutely no plans, the weather was somewhat dreary and unpredictable, and yet it was just right.  This is truly vacation to me!

mt4 1

First thing in the morning, Sierra and Natalie were anxious to get back out to their rock shop with their new sign.  We had fun trading rocks for a good chunk of the morning.

mt4 2

And we spotted a bald eagle — it was breath-taking!

mt4 3

mt4 18

More games and coloring…

mt4 4

The big girls wanted to go kayaking, so Daniel took them and Malachi while Sierra and I went on a nature walk.  Our goal was to capture a deer and a chipmunk on camera — check!  Sierra also brought along her journal to draw some pictures.

mt4 5 mt4 8 mt4 10 mt4 11

When they got back from kayaking, it was Natalie’s turn to go on a nature walk.  We captured a butterfly, several birds, but no deer this time.

mt4 12 mt4 13 mt4 14 mt4 15 mt4 16

Natalie and I took several bird pictures.  Natalie is my “bird girl.”  Above on the left was a bird with a green beak.  We came home and Googled it, and it turns out it is a evening grosbeak finch.  So fun to make new discoveries!

mt4 19

That night we drove into town for some Dairy Queen Blizzards.  This last picture was probably taken around 9:45pm.  We so enjoyed the late evenings!


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