Montana, Part 5

mt5 1

Among the many other benefits of staying at a cabin is that we were able to cook most of our meals and didn’t “need” to go out until day 5!  Like the other days, the morning was cool and was perfect for a Sunday brunch with giant mugs of hot chocolate for the kids.

mt5 2

While we lingered over coffee and getting to spend time with Carol and Gary, the kids went outside and played on the rocks.  Alas, we had to join them!

mt5 3

mt5 4

mt5 6

mt5 8

Random deer picture from our drive back to the cabin!

mt5 9

mt5 10

Once back at the cabin, we changed into our swimsuits and Uncle Gary took us for another ride on the pontoon boat, only this time the kids (and Daniel) got pulled behind it!

mt5 11

mt5 12

mt5 13

mt5 14

mt5 7

mt5 15

mt5 16

mt5 17

Everyone had a blast.  They will never forget their first time being dragged behind a boat!

mt5 18

Another random deer shot as we decided to go back into town for Dairy Queen blizzards,

mt5 19

mt5 20

And, Daniel made me take this picture; they actually have cop cars with dummies inside.  I don’t know how he noticed, but I took a picture for him.  Looking closely at this picture, I just noticed that even the logo on the car says “decoy.”  Good ol’ Montana!

mt5 21

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