Montana, Part 7

Our girl loves horses… but can you imagine getting to learn to ride in MONTANA?  It doesn’t get much better!  Day 7 began early as we drove to Whitefish for a day of horse camp.  We stopped at Mudman’s for the best breakfast sandwiches, first.

mt7 1

mt7 2

mt7 3

mt7 4

mt7 5

We didn’t stay long.  The allure of kid-free time was too much.  In hindsight, I wish we stayed a tad longer to at least watch them ride a little.

mt7 6

mt7 7

mt7 8

mt7 9

mt7 10

(They let Natalie borrow some boots!)

mt7 11

The kids were so excited and seemed totally comfortable, so off we went.  We drove around a bit and explored, stopping to take  a picture and eat lunch at Whitefish lake.  We also hit a few other stores before heading back to pick the kids up.

mt7 12 mt7 13 mt7 14

When we returned, the kids were all smiles.  Pam showed us pictures and videos of them riding horses, playing in the water, and doing crafts.  what an incredible day of camp!

mt7 15

mt7 16

One last picture… the kids are hoping to go back for the full week next year…

And that concludes our last full day in Montana!  I’ll have one last wrap-up post to come!


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