Goodbye, Montana!

Before leaving Montana, Natalie said she prayed to see at least one deer with antlers.  As we drove away from the cabin for the last time, we spotted a group of six deer; and one had antlers.  Yes, God cares about the little things!

mt8 1

Our last day was filled with cleaning, packing, and driving.  The morning went smooth, and we made a final stop to M and S for some buffalo jerky, cherries, and huckleberry soda.  Perfect snacks for the drive ahead!

mt8 2

mt8 3

We headed back through Idaho…

mt8 4

…Back into Washington…

mt8 5

And I just loved this flag we saw.  It was huge, though the picture doesn’t do it justice.

my8 6

The drive was long, but beautiful.  Though it was hard to say goodbye, going home is always so sweet.  After our second flight was delayed, and we had trouble getting our car from the airport, we finally made it back home by2:30am… and the kids were up at their normal 6:30am!  Home again, home again!


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