It’s a Good Thing…


It’s a good thing I had Montana to post about last week.   Otherwise I may have been tempted to whine about how sick I was feeling.  Or how my son got a big goose egg on his head.  Or how he unravelled an entire roll of tp for no reason.  Or how it was miserably hot, but the kids were too sick to swim.  Or how we just generally had a rough week…

I couldn’t possibly end there, however.  Despite it all and more, there was a lot to be thankful for.  We are all better now.  Daniel has been home the last few days and taken each of the kids and me on dates…

And this is life, isn’t it?  Mountains.  Valleys.  Highs.  Lows.  The lesson I am trying so hard to teach one of my kids in particular right now is to choose joy.  As usual, when God has me teach a lesson to my kids, it’s usually one I need to remember myself.

And so, we are choosing joy and counting our blessings over here.  Want to join me?

One thought on “It’s a Good Thing…

  1. You are so right, Cara! We just experienced a wonderful family vacation, ended by a car breakdown and four of us getting sick, among other things. Joy and thankfulness to God have kept us from going crazy and also showed our kids how to handle trials.


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