Little Girls and Tea Parties

I’ve always loved doing tea parties with my girls. What I love even more is watching this  “little” one do her own tea party!  She chose the napkins, set the table, and made her own special snack for her and her doll.  She even changed outfits to look nice for her tea party.  She is going to make a great mom, someday…

tps 1

tps 2

One reason I love blogging is that when I look back at pictures taken over the week, I see smiles and moments I had already forgotten about.  This tea party was only a week ago, yet I had already totally forgotten about it.

Today, of all days, I wouldn’t have chosen to blog about this… to see the good in this precious girl, and to write about it.  It’s been an extremely difficult week with her.  I’ve found myself on the verge of tears and my prayers have been more cries for help.  Sometimes this mothering thing is just plain hard.

But God… But God is so faithful and He knew just what I needed when he put it on her little heart to do a tea party last week and when He put it on my heart to take pictures.  He knew I would need to step back and see her sweet smile tonight; (especially in the quiet of this place, where she just keeps smiling and can’t talk back!)

This, too, shall pass.  Some day I am going to look back at this post and remember, “Oh yeah…I had forgotten about that week.  That was tough.  I’m glad we’re past that!”  Sure, there will be more tough days… more tough moments… more tough weeks.  But there will also be more “tea party moments,” and I am thankful for the gift they are and the chance to hold those memories tight.


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