1, 638.9, 27.5, 3


1 — One year ago today, I began my journey of exercising consistently, having consistent morning prayer and Bible time, and planning meals.  First off, I bought an adorable binder with tabs.  (Somehow that was the majority of my motivation!  To each his own, right?)  Next, I downloaded adorable calendar pages from imom.com.  (Finding that site was a huge blessing, I’ll save for another post!)  From there, it was simple.  Each morning I get up around 5:30am and run.  While I run, I pray.  Different people come to mind at different parts.  While I run uphill, I recite as much of the book of James as I can.  (I’m almost halfway through!)  When I come home, I get to record my miles in said cute binder.  I also get to check the meal planning section to see if there is any meat I need to defrost or anything I need at the grocery store.  I also have a note section for my wandering mind to make lists for the day if things are pressing.  Then I read my bible and start my day.

638.9 — That is how many miles I ran this past year.  My goal is 3.3 miles per day, 5 – 6 days a week.  It’s really not much.  But it’s just enough to start my day off right.  On occasion, when my husband is home and it’s cooler outside I can run a little longer.  Or, when I don’t have much in me, I can cut it short once in a while.  For the most part, I simply stick with 3.3.  I get home right about the time the kids start to wake up.

27.5 — For a while, my son was not allowing me to run in the morning.  So, I had to find another way to exercise.  I chose 30 minutes of our elliptical and recorded those minutes.  The good — I was able to read a lot of good books during that time!  The bad — I really missed my morning times outside with God.

3 — This has nothing to do with this post, but I am counting down until my hubby gets home.  3 more days.  We are all missing him like crazy!

And of course, I feel like I should end with a disclaimer.  There were weeks when I didn’t make my set goal.  There were days where I recorded my miles and skipped right over the Bible reading and went right into breaking up fights, cleaning a messy kitchen, etc.  Most of my jogging is quite slow, though I am starting to pick up speed.  Basically, there is always room for improvement, but I am so glad I started this.  My time with the Lord, time spent outside, and starting my day off sweating off the anxiety all have given me such joy.


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