Garden Update

Not a whole lot to report on the gardening end.  I finally pulled up the carrots.  They looked a little funky, but tasted great.  I’m still amazed we go any at all… these were all Malachi’s planting!

garup 1

Our last sunflower finally blossomed today.  They sure look beautiful for a few days!

garup 2

garup 3

Our baby chicks have finally started to lay, so we are back to getting a decent amount of eggs per day.  We go through soooo many eggs.  What did we do before chickens?  (p.s.  Aren’t they pretty?)

garup 4

While Daniel was gone, I finally caught a rat that had been munching on our tomatoes for quite some time.  It had eaten probably 10 large tomatoes before I caught it.  Sadly, the next day more tomatoes were eaten.  I’ve been trying to catch another rat, but have been unsuccessful.  I put a nice ripe tomato on the trap tonight, and am hoping I can catch one more before the hubby returns home…

garup 6

I am hoping to do a winter garden this year for the first time.  I’m ready to take this garden down and prepare for the next.  Only, it’s time to prepare for school; aaah!


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