Almost Home…


My husband sent this picture tonight showing where he gets to spend his last evening away.  Sadly, he won’t have a chance to enjoy it since he’ll be up early and on his way home!

Some things I should confess before you get home….

  • I still haven’t caught that rat!
  • The car smells disgusting… perhaps you can find the source?
  • The kitchen computer is showing the white screen of death.
  • The dog needs a bath!
  • We’re on our last roll of toilet paper.
  • The pool is looking pretty dirty, (though that’s not stopping the kids).  We did manage to get the scorpion out, at least.  BLAH!  Who knew we had scorpions around here?  Perhaps that’s what killed our chicken?)

Yes, we desperately love and miss you… but we also desperately need you!!!


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