1st Day of School 2016

Aaaaaannnnnddd…. we’re back to school!  I am so not easy, but ever grateful for the freedom to ease back into things.  This begins our 7th year homeschooling.  (Yikes!)  AS per tradition, the kids couldn’t wait to find what “treat” would await them in the morning…

1ds 1

1ds 2

1ds 3

1ds 4

This year I did apple cupcakes.  Though I love cupcakes from scratch, the red sprinkles were a bit too much sugar.  They turned out super cute, though!  The shape is from simply sticking a wood bead in your cupcake tins… thank you, Pinterest!  The real treat was not the cupcakes this year, though.  The real treat was…

1ds 5

Papa came home!  H left at 1:00am just os he could make it back in time for the first day of school breakfast… and he did!

1ds 6

The kids were beyond thrilled, (as was I!)

1ds 7

Look what he brought us, Grandma… Bean Boozled with 2 new flavors; stinky socks and dead fish!  Just wait until Halloween this year!

1ds 8

He also brought back some cool maps and told us about the fire…

1ds 9

After breakfast, Daniel went to bed and we went to work… (sort of).  Our first school project was to make flower garden pens.

1ds 10 1ds 11 1ds 12

1ds 13

Next up, we did a little tallest tower challenge giving the kids one marshmallow, some tape, and 20 spaghetti sticks.

1ds 14 1ds 15

I had to include this goofy last picture.  I always get bug eyes when my kids take pictures… (especially when it takes a few minutes for them to actually snap it!)  Anyway, it feels good to have the first day under our belts.  We did a bit of Bible, a bit of math, and made our chore charts.  Really, it was like a fun family meeting.  I think I will always start school on Thursday because… tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!  And I am ready for a weekend together as a family.  Woohoo!


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