Back to School Treats

I mentioned yesterday that a favorite tradition around here is back to school treats.  Just for fun, I looked back on all our treats so far…  In case you need some inspiration, here are some past favorites:

treat k

2010:  “crayons” (pretzel rods, candy melts, and paper wrappers)

2011:  “Apple pops” (Oreos, candy melts, green gummies, lollipop sticks)

treat 2

2012:  Donuts and chocolate milk

treat 3

2013:  “pencils” (Rolo pack, Hershey’s Kiss, yellow paper, pink paper, aluminum foil)

treat 4

2014:  “apples” (rice krispies, tootsie rolls, green gummies)

treat 5

2015:  “Letters and apples” (sugar cookies, which I let them decorate)

treat 6

2016:  “apples”  (cupcakes, frosting, pretzels, green gummies, red sprinkles)


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