First Week Finished

Day 2 of school last week was embarrassingly bad.  I felt frazzled.  I was ready to give up and send one of my kids off to school.  It was tough and sad and frustrating.  I did a lot of praying over the weekend…

fwf 1

Thankfully, I can say with all honesty that this week went a million times better.  How do I forget so quickly that the beginning can be tough for all of us?  That Satan is a discourager?  That I can’t do this, but through God’s grace?  Or that things will get better… they always do!

fwf 2.5

After a very good week, one tired kid was not happy about starting school this morning.  Rather than forcing the issue, I said, “I know!  Let’s not do math right now, but let’s head outside on this beautiful day and find something to paint!”

fwf 2

Their hearts and attitudes changed immediately.  It was just what we all needed.  And I even got to have a second cup of coffee and work on some gardening on a chilly, foggy August morning!  It felt like fall.  It felt glorious and lifted all our spirits.

fwf 3.5

I was especially impressed by the work of my one artist who usually likes to rush through her projects.  She took her time; so much time, and her picture turned out beautiful.  I was so encouraged!

fwf 3

It was only our first full week, but I am headed into the weekend refreshed and encouraged.  Thank you for that new perspective, Lord!  (And for a fall-like morning to enjoy!)

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