A Late Summer Blessing


Right about day 13 of my husband being gone this summer, (when I was certain I would lose my mind), a friend who I haven’t seen in over a year gave me a call.  She had moved a little ways away, so we didn’t get to see each other much, but she called and invited me to go to a painting class with her last-minute since her stepmom had to cancel.  A date night with a sweet friend painting a fall scene and sipping iced coffee sounded almost too good to be true, so I quickly called a babysitter who was unavailable.  We then called Daniel’s aunt who is usually working, and surprisingly she was home and able to come!

I will forever look at my painting and be reminded of the small act of kindness of my friend — inviting me even though we hadn’t seen each other forever, and blessing me with a wonderful evening.  I will think of how God gave me a night off from putting the kids to bed when He knew I desperately needed it.  I will remember my sweet aunt, who came over last-minute and put the kids down for me.  And, I will look at this picture and smile because a fall morning is my absolute favorite!


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