Scripture Art Journals

One of our favorite activities over the past 3 years has been doing Scripture Art Journals.  They’re super simple, really… because if you do a Google Image search on almost any scripture, you can find quite a few ideas!

1saj 1

1saj 2

For this, our fourth year of Scripture art journaling, (how is that possible?), I decided to use the black notebooks my friend gave me and do an entire journal with “chalkboard art.”  I don’t have the kids actually Google the scriptures, but I let them Google chalkboard art and gather ideas that way.  We’ve only done 2 so far, but I am loving the way they’re turning out!

Now, does anyone have a good Bible curriculum?  We just finished 2 years of a kids Bible Survey, (can’t recommend it enough!), and are looking for our next Bible thing

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