Busy Hands…

Last year, we did most of our read alouds in Malachi’s room while building blocks, building legos, or some other form of building.  It was a great way to keep Malachi happy while engaging the girls’ attention.  They stay surprisingly focused if they are working with their hands.  (I really shouldn’t say surprisingly, as I was always a doodler who paid attention in class.)


buh 2

buh 3

buh 4

Today I decided to have them weave while I read.  Two out of three liked it, so not bad… Although, it was the one who didn’t like it that I thought would like it the most.  Go figure.

One that did like it actually had a bit of trouble.  It just seemed a bit daunting like it was going to take, “forever!”  It made me realize just how short my kids’ attention spans could be.  For me as a kid, a bigger project would have been exciting.  To her it was daunting… but she plugged away.  I told her it was a project to work a little on every day while we read.  No need to rush!  I think the importance of sticking to it will be big with her.

Thankfully, all 3 girls can now crochet.  I know what their next “busy hands” project is going to be while I read aloud… It’s fun having “big girls!”


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