626 Night Market 2016

  • The first year it was just Daniel and me… and it was incredible!  A super special date where it didn’t matter that we had to wait 90 minutes for a ramen burger.  We were just so excited to have discovered this fun place!
  • The second year, we decided to let the kids give it a try.  Again, it was wonderful to see their reactions.  Plus, we had Auntie and cousins to help us keep them entertained.
  • Year 3 — it is now officially a tradition, (for me!)  My husband was working 3 days, and my friend’s husband was out of town 3 days, so we hired a babysitter and hit the Market ourselves!

62 1

It was so fun to have a date night with a friend, and to introduce her to this whole crazy Asian food culture.  There were a lot of new stands along with some old favorites.  Our first stop was for ramen burgers, yet this was a new ramen burger place. Guess what?  No line, and they were even better than the old ones. Ha!

62 2

62 3

I had to get a picture with the shrimp chips… they’ve been a favorite of mine since I was a kid!

62 4

62 5

Rainbow grilled cheese?  No thanks!  But, I had to get a picture for my Seesers…

62 6

62 7

62 8

I love being an old lady.  We left just as the young crowd was piling in and it was beginning to get a bit too crowded.  Once again, a wonderful night at 626!  Can’t wait for next year!


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