Garden Update

Despite all of our garden problems, something in me just wants to continue trying… So, for the first time we will be doing a fall/ winter garden!

fwg 1

Of course, I recruited the cutest helpers possible!

fwg 2

fwg 3

My oldest cute helper spent her time researching, and came back with lots of notes about what to plant and how to help the soil.  Mostly we’ll be doing lettuces, but we may give broccoli, radishes, cucumber, green beans, and peas a try.  We’ll see…

fwg 4

The chickens were more than happy to help us clean out the summer garden!  They especially loved the zucchini and sunflowers.

fwg 5

This young man, (isn’t he looking old?) Raked up some pine needles I hope to use as mulch.

fwg 6

Our last zinnia.  Beautiful!

fwg 7

fwg 8

fwg 9

The one thing we’re keeping; the herbs.  Our basil seems to be flourishing.  Finally, some good news.

fwg 10

And, our pepper plant seems happy now that the tomatoes are gone.

fwg 11

fwg 12

fwg 13

They collected eggs and sunflower seeds.  Should we roast them or plant new sunflowers?  Tough call…

fwg 14

fwg 15

fwg 16

And so, the garden updates will continue…


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