My Ninja

I honestly had no idea what it would look like to start school with my son this year.  Would it be easier?  Harder?  Fun?  Difficult?

nin 1

If this were my first child, I would say it was hard.  He doesn’t have a super long attention span for sitting, writing letters, etc.

nin 2

But, since he’s my 4th child I’ve started homeschooling, I actually say he’s quite easy.  We do a tiny bit of traditional  work.  (Tiny.  Like, 5 – 10 minutes max a day.)

nin 3

We do a lot of games.  Ninja play.   Simple math problems out loud.  Simple questioning about beginning sounds, letter sounds, etc,  And play.  More play.  And more play.  For goodness sake, he’s 4!

nin 4

I am so thankful for the learning and growing I have had through homeschooling.  And, I am so grateful that I get to be the one to teach him and watch him learn and grow.


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