Capturing My Fancy Girl


I tried to tell her not to pose.  I wanted to capture her in all her princess dress glory.  But alas, she couldn’t help but peaking up at me and smiling.

I’ve discovered something with this girl.  She loves the fancy.  The beautiful.  My first to love fancy dresses.  The first to care about fashion, and to go through 3 outfits a day; still!  The one to ask me to do her nails, or to wear the lipstick she picked out at the Japanese store while her sisters chose art supplies.  The first to try on Grandma’s high heels and proclaim she needed high heels for her birthday.

It caught me off guard, at first.  I am happy in my jeans and t-shirts.   I have never worn high heels, and I don’t like my nails polished.  It’s hard for me to relate… in many ways… but what a gift that I get to watch her do her own thing; to become what God  intended her to be.

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