Redwood Hike and Beach Day

For years, visiting my parents’ place meant playing with Grandma and Grandpa, going to the park, and enjoying a trip away from home.  However, we didn’t do much sight seeing or much exploring because the kids were simply too little to enjoy much else.

This trip… finally… we were able to do a few things I’ve always wanted to do with the kids.  First was a hike through the redwoods.  It was still a fairly short hike, but at least we are at that age where we can all enjoy it!  (My older ones would have loved to go farther… maybe next time!)


rwh-2 rwh-3 rwh-4 rwh-5 rwh-6



After the hike, we headed to the beach for a bit.  It was a gorgeous day, though too cold to swim.  My highlight was seeing a whale; I have never seen a whale from the beach before!

rwh-9 rwh-10 rwh-11

My other highlight was seeing Triscuit chase after the ball like a puppy.  He was so happy to be out there!  Of course, the rest of the trip he was a stinky, sandy mess.  (The first thing we did once we got home was give him a bath.)



Though they are usually too cold to swim in, I still prefer Northern California beaches to Southern California beaches.  They are often so secluded and empty and just seem cleaner and nicer.

Beautiful day!


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