Taking it Easy


The start of the school year is kind of like the start of a new year… That is to say, it is a fresh start with some fresh resolutions that sometimes stick and often don’t.  Right now we are still in the “new school year” phase, where I have been able to keep up with meals and schedules and laundry and such.  However, birthday and holiday season are around the corner, which seems to make this busy life zoom by all the quicker.

This year, however, I am hoping things are different.  I am hoping to keep up with things a little better, as well as to have real down time!  So far, so good.  For one thing, the kids are older and able to do more real chores, (chores that actually help!).  But, I needed a real plan, and I think I found it!

What has been especially great this year and has made a world of difference for us has been preserving our mornings and evenings.  For the first time since starting homeschooling, we have no morning or evening activities.  The few activities that we are doing and loving, (horseback riding, piano, and art classes), all take place between 1pm – 4pm.  It has made such a difference!

I took a cue from one of my favorite blogs, (though our homeschool styles seem quite different in many ways, as well), and we now have a morning collective time.  During this time, we do Bible, memory work, and read alouds — all while the kids work on activities such as crochet, weaving, loom bands, origami, perler beads, etc.  I love starting our mornings together, and not feeling rushed.  From there, the older kids do piano practice or math, while I work with the younger ones.

I know there is no “perfect” solution.  I am certain we will still have those tough days and even overwhelming days and weeks.  But, for now I am so thankful for the peaceful start to this year!  And, I am certain that when I need some new ideas for finding peace, God will provide them as He always does.


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