LA County Fair 2016

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We had such a great trip to the Fair this year, though it was quite different than “usual.”  For one thing, it was out first year without a stroller!  (So thankful for a husband who can carry tons of water on his back!)  It was also the first year all 4 kids wrote book reports, which meant we got 24 free rides!  The weather was cooler than usual, which was an aded bonus.  I forgot to take our annual chocolate milk picture since we also did things out of order, hitting the barn last!  That was also a wise move, as the school kids were gone by then so we didn’t have the crowds.

In addition to lots of new rides, we also saw new attractions; the animal exhibit, the mini trains, (a huge hit with Malachi), and a shaved ice stand that had a $2 special for Wednesdays… score!

See you next year, Fair!


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