Garden Update: Backyard Clean-up

Our Fall cool down came — and just in time for me to clean-up and organize our backyard Saturday, then enjoy time with family at the firefighter picnic Sunday!


Since pulling out the old summer crops, we have seen a tomato plant, the basil, and our pepper plant flourish.  Perhaps all the other tomato plants hogged all the water and sun.  I’ve never had tomato or pepper plants in October, so we’ll see what happens!  We are also suppose to have lettuce, but it hasn’t sprouted yet — hmmm…


My buddy helped me neem oil the apricot tree.  We seem to have some issues right now!


I’ve also never tried green beans this late in the season, but we’re giving it a shot.  We started these from seed, and added our pine tree mulch.


My poor lavender never made it, so we bought a drought tolerant plant for our planter boxes.  So far, so good…


I brought this metal rack out from the garage, where it was far under-utilized and LOVE having a home for some plant stuff, (and fairy garden stuff)

After sweeping the leaves, cleaning the tables, and doing lots of little things, I finally had a cleaned-up backyard.  I’m so thankful for lovely cool fall Saturdays, and kids who are old enough to fend for themselves!



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