Fall Baking: Lemon Cookies

I bake… a lot.  And, I enjoy baking.  And, I enjoy eating baked goods.  But sometimes I’m just too busy or too beat!

Last Saturday, my son wanted cookies.  Normally, I would jump to it and use the excuse of my son wanting cookies to gobble a few myself!  But, I was tired and had a lot to do, so I told him to ask his sister.

lc1 lc2

I was so impressed… My girl didn’t even ask for a recipe!  She grabbed her i-pad, decided on lemon frosted cookies, picked lemons out back, made the cookies 100% on her own, let them cool, made the frosting… seriously, my only job was taking them out of the oven because our oven is kind of high.

I don’t know whether it was because I didn’t have to make them, or because I was so proud, or if she really did find an incredible recipe, but they were the BEST cookies!  I can’t (won’t), tell you how many I consumed.  (It’s a good thing I jog!)

She had so much fun that she decided she would bake every Saturday.  She already found her recipe, and I am already drooling over the pumpkin butter thumbprint cookies she intends to make this Saturday!

What a blessing…. thank you, Allison!


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