The Joy of Big(ger) Kids, (or “Lemon Cookies, Take 2”)

Thursday morning I was beat.  After getting up at my usual time, going for my jog, getting breakfast made and school started, I found myself nodding off while reading to the kids.  (And that was after my cup of coffee, and before 9am!!)  We made it through devotion time before I had to excuse myself for a nap, telling them they could practice piano or work on something themselves and they could wake me up in time for our Thankful Thursday tea party…


Fast forward a bit… Sierra runs into my room to wake me up.  The smell was amazing.  I walk into the kitchen with the timer beeping and the kids joyously asking me to take the cookies out of the oven.  With the help of her siblings, Allison recreated her incredible lemon cookies; tiny ones for our tea party, and larger ones to bring to our friends later that evening.

That was the best tea party, ever!  My heart was beaming that they all worked together, the cookies were amazing, and I was refreshed and ready to read our History.  Big(her) kids are awesome!  (Now if only I could teach them to clean the mess….)

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