Special Getaway

I really should have titled it a very special getaway.  I wan’t sure if I should even blog about it… such a special time with my oldest, but I decided it really would be worth sharing.  I’ll give you the general idea, and save those special precious moments for us to cherish in our memories!


We took a picture with the mountains in the background before driving up into them.  My husband had the idea to go to Lake Arrowhead.  Mountains.  Lake.  Fall trees.  Beautiful mild weather.  Great idea, honey!

gg-2 gg-3

We walked into our room, and I immediately snapped some pictures of our view.  The lake and a gorgeous fall tree right outside our balcony!  I also gave Allison her journal for the weekend.  You see, we were up here to do the Family Life Passport to Purity.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  Cd’s about peer pressure, body changes, and growing up… all from a godly, Christian perspective, with memorable activities, (object lessons, really) to go with them.


We decided the fresh cold air was more inviting than a dark pizza joint, so we ate our first meal outside… and then continued to eat our subsequent meals outside!

gg-6 gg-7

Despite being tired, we got cozied up in our jammies, did our cd’s and activities, ate too much chocolate, and laughed a lot.  In recounting our time with a friend, she commented that it sounded more like we were friends than mother/ daughter.  While I don’t particularly like the modern philosophies of parenting which call us to be friends, there definitely was a special bond formed and a special friendship kindled… Lots of parenting to go, but a glimpse into our future friendship!

gg-8 gg-9

The next morning we were tired, but excited for a new day.  We enjoyed a walk and breakfast outside.

gg-10 gg-11 gg-12 gg-13

After our morning session, it was time for our “activity.”  I had talked to Allison about a special activity before we left, and she said she really wanted to teach me to crochet!  I thought that sounded fun and special, so we brought our sandwiches to the beach, enjoyed lunch, and I learned to crochet.  That afternoon, we also went in the heated pool and hot tub before listening to more cd’s and going to dinner!




For dinner, we had virgin margaritas — ha!


We came back and did our last session as well as mud masks.  Oh, the fun!  (A bit scary, aren’t we?)  But our faces felt so smooth and clean afterward.  I think I could become a mud mask person.





If you know you need to have “the talk” with your son or daughter, Let me highly recommend Passport to Purity.  It is more than just information — it is a special bonding time.  I am so thankful we were able to do it.  In addition to the great content, God blessed us with times of laughter, deep sharing, and joy.

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