Sierra Turns 7

And just like that, my youngest daughter turned 7!  Imagine this.  At 4am, my mom got up to go to the bathroom, and there was Sierra sitting up in her room with the light on.  I think she was just a weeeee bit excited about her birthday!  (No wonder she was in a beautiful dress and lipstick while the rest of us were still in jammies!)

s7-1 s7-2

Her under-the-bed present was a sweet sister artwork quote from Natalie.  Then we enjoyed her favorite breakfast: eggs-in-the-nest.  The day included a small amount of schoolwork, (the beauty of homeschool), a trip to the pet store for fun, and a walk with her siblings and Grandma.


We concluded the day with lasagna and a mini lemon cake with sprinkles.  What a lucky girl to have her grandparents for her birthday!

s7-4 s7-5

Next up?  Her horse party….

Happy birthday, Seesers!


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