Sierra’s Horse Party

I was feeling a bit relieved this year, as Sierra wanted to go horseback riding instead of having a party… or so I thought.  About a month before her birthday, she changed her mind.  Initially I thought about what to do, but really the planning came together last-minute.  God is always so good and gracious to give me what I need when I need it, and not a second before!


Each of my 3 girls has a wooden horse stamp set, so we used all 3 for the welcome activity.  The kids stamped and colored some fun horse pictures!


My kids look forward to some creative food names.  Included this time were  “horseshoes,” (croissant sandwiches), “horse treats,” (carrots, apples, and mints), and “hay bales,” (rice crispy treats).  We also had “Seeser Salad,” (Caesar Salad), which is Sierra’s favorite!

hp-3 hp-4

Outside we had relays including stick horse races, sack races, hula hoop horse toss, and a horseshoe toss.

hp-5 hp-6 hp-7 hp-8 hp-9 hp-10 hp-11 hp-12 hp-13 hp-14 hp-15 hp-16


After presents and cake, some kids played while others painted canvases.  Originally, Sierra or Natalie was going to teach how to paint a horse, but in the moment we decided to let them paint whatever they wanted.


I figured I’d better hurry and get these pictures posted, as Sierra is already talking about what her next party will look like!


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