Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s the end of a long, wonderful Thanksgiving day, and I am beat!   You’d think I would just roll into bed, but somehow after spending the morning with good friends at the park and then spending the afternoon with a bunch of lovely people at the fire station, my extrovert-self simply needs some time to unwind…

Tomorrow I will post a few pics of our time at the fire station.  I didn’t take many, but I will share the joys of an incredible meal, new friends, and kids eating far too many desserts then rolling down the hill on wheeled chairs.  It will paint a lovely picture, and these are memories I want to remember!  But, they’re not the whole story…

This morning, I dealt with a child with a terribly ungrateful heart.  (That always baffles me when they have just the ‘right’ answers during devotions.)  Granted, she was exhausted and you could see it in her eyes… but, her actions and words tore at my heart!  Other siblings squabbled, and it made for a tough morning.

It had me thinking… we “teach” gratitude, and I think that’s good.  On our drive to the fire station, we offered up a thanksgiving prayer, and discussed things we are grateful for.  We actually have done our Thankful Thursday journals and tea parties for almost 4 years!  But yet, isn’t that just like our sinful hearts… we forget and we complain and we compare instead of living out of gratitude.

And I am just as guilty of this as my kids.  I found myself wishing, “Can’t they just get along like those sisters at the fire station?” Rather, I should have been thanking God for my four beautiful blessings and praying for them to have grateful hearts, not wishing they could just get along like some kids I just met for the first time!

I guess what I’m saying is that we can teach gratitude, and we should… but truly, praying for our kids to have a grateful heart, (and asking God to give us the same!), is really most important.

Of course, I couldn’t end this post without saying how incredibly grateful I am for my family and for a God who allows us to forget and still forgives and blesses and helps us do the same… Happy Thanksgiving!


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