It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…







Happy December First!  Thankfully, these pictures were taken last week during Thanksgiving break.  We managed to get all decorated before Thanksgiving this year since we were going to be gone, anyway… And, we wanted to be all decorated early so we could focus on decorating ninja-style for Malachi’s birthday!  All that to say, I was happy to wake up this morning and not have to worry about decorating!

In general, Thursdays are pretty busy around here.  I was kind of bummed to have to begin our Advent on a busy day!  This morning, the kids were bickering to no end as we rushed to get out of the house.  Once in the car, we talked and prayed…. I explained what advent meant, and some of the new things we would be doing this year to anticipate Christmas and Jesus’ coming!  (Thanks for the new book, Mom!)  Spirits calmed, only to flare again off and on the whole day.  Normally, I would be disappointed.  Instead, I was grateful for the opportunity to have some great talks.  (Why can’t I always be grateful?)

Tonight we did our advent calendar and did our Jesse Tree introduction as well as Day 1.  It ended up being a blessing to do at night, though we will continue tomorrow morning.  It’s definitely more than my kids needing this time… it’s me, too.   Looking forward to lots more awesome times, (and the not-so-awesome times), as we sip peppermint tea, memorize the Christmas story for the 4th year in a row, do the Jesse Tree, read, learn, and pray together!

Happy December!

p.s.  No kids were hurt while running around on the roof with their dad while putting up Christmas lights.  (Praise God!)

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