Malachi’s Ninja Party!

For two weeks straight, I checked the weather every day.  60% chance of rain.  40% chance of rain.  20% chance of rain.  0% chance of rain. Whew… I was relieved.  And then… 60% chance of rain.  80% chance of rain.  100% chance of rain.  Thankfully, it was for the afternoon, and our party was midday.  With a Ninja obstacle course and a bounce house, I was very grateful the weatherman was right; we were safe until the party’s end!  (No more checking the weather 2 weeks out for me!)

np1 np2 np3 np4 np5


We catered in Chinese food, which was a huge help.  The kids LOVED the chow mien, and I didn’t have to cook.


np7 np8

The kids only took a break from the bounce house to go the Ninja training course… (over and over and over!)


np10 np11 np12

Malachi requested a “strawberry lemonade cake,” so I made a lemon cake with strawberry frosting.  (Hence, the pink…)


Presents:  I just love the forced smiles in the picture below!  🙂

np14-5 np14 np15

Still can’t believe my baby is 5!

Happy birthday, my favorite ninja!


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