How has your Advent season been?  We’ve honestly had one of the best Advent seasons yet… we’ve been blessed with good health, my mom gave us a wonderful advent devotional, the weather has been gorgeous, (though we could use some rain!), and we’ve had some fun times with friends.  And, of course, we’ve eaten far too many peppermint Jo Jo’s!  Here are some Christmasing moments:

Thankful Thursday Christmas tea with friends:


Christmas tag making and dinner with friends:

cing-2 cing-3

Christmas light walk with the family:

cing-4 cing-5 cing-6 cing-7


I realize that this can be an overwhelming time of year.  I haven’t even looked at my Pinterest board!  I think what’s made it so sweet is just keeping things simple.  We have no “bucket list.”  Most of our fun has been somewhat spontaneous.   And, honestly, our morning devotional has really been meaningful.  Ann Voskamp’s The Greatest Gift has truly been a gift to our family!!  (Thank you, Mom!)   We didn’t get to the Jesse tree ornaments and we haven’t done every activity.  (Like I said, we’ve kept things simple.)  In the past, I probably wouldn’t have even attempted it at all if I couldn’t go all out.  But, just starting our mornings focusing on Christ and doing what we can and skipping what we can’t has made all the difference!


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