Christmas Eve 2016

Celebrating Christmas Eve the day after our “Family Christmas” was kind of funny… but still so good!  We did our traditional casserole breakfast since Daniel would be working Christmas day, and not with us…



We went to the earliest Christmas Eve service at church, (BEAUTIFUL!), and then I spent the afternoon making lefse.  It was a thousand times easier this year thanks to my lefse iron and lefse stick from last Christmas.  (Thanks, Mom!)  And, thanks to Natalie who helped a ton!


We did our big present opening at night, which was totally different for us.  All week long, the kids said they wanted to open gifts Christmas morning, even though Daniel wouldn’t be with us, because they didn’t want to break tradition.  However, with a cozy Christmas Eve, Daniel home, and presents galore, they caved and decided Christmas Eve would be better after all.

chre-4 chre-6

The breakfast was delicious… the lefse was fun… church was wonderful… presents were good…. but give me His presence over any of it any day!  Once again grateful to know the One for whom we celebrate Christmas!


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