When Life Gives You…

lem1 lem2 lem3 lem4 lem5 lem6

I know some people mourn the end of Christmas, and prolong taking down their cozy decorations.  I get it.  But, I just love the feeling of starting fresh… cleaning up, putting away, organizing.  The New Year is such a time of hope and possibility.  I am not bothered by the  “emptiness” at all.  In fact, my spirit just soars and my soul is filled with joy as I ponder it!

Thankfully, my husband was home for a few days and was able to help get things cleaned up.  Besides taking down Christmas, we have cleaned up in the chicken yard, cleaned out a kids’ closet and donated 5 bags of clothes, and I am currently working on my closet.  For me, spring cleaning starts NOW!  (It’s spring somewhere, right?)

In doing the chicken yard, we collected lemons and have been busy juicing them.  With all our hard work and containers of lemon juice, it still appears we’ve done nothing with all the lemons still to be picked.  But, it’s been fun… and we will happily raid our freezer for some lemon juice concentrate when the hot summer swimming days finally roll around!

Anyone need any lemons?


2 thoughts on “When Life Gives You…

  1. I wish I was near enough to get some lemons. They look wonderful, as does your yard! Well done on cleaning and how nice it must be to have help doing it all. Lovely family! Best wishes to the new year for you and the family. 🙂


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