Hike – Check!

It’s finally here… the last day of break before returning to normal activities.   Tomorrow it’s suppose to rain all day, but today it is 73 and gorgeous, so I sent the kids outside to play.  (I should probably join them instead of sitting here blogging!)

Anyway, it really was a lovely break filled with cold rainy days and glorious sunshine.  Cuddles on the couch, and running around outside.  New games and old games.  Friend time and family time.  And, miraculously, no sickness!

Though we never made it to the snow, I did want to at least get a hike in.  Thankfully, we got in two.  I only took pictures of our second hike with friends… and the camera was on a weird mode… and half the time, my friend was carrying my camera because I was carrying a 43 pound boy… but I did snap a few pictures that don’t do it justice.  It was beautiful.  Hiking could quite possibly be my favorite activity.

ld1 ld2 ld3 ld4 ld5


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