She Swings

From the time we moved in, the swing set has been a favorite for our Seeser girl.  She used to go out, by herself, and just sing at the top of her lungs.  (None of us were allowed to hear her, but I may have “accidentally” left my office door slightly ajar while she sang to her heart’s content…. And I also may have typed up some of her own special worship songs she made up because… honestly… it was so precious and gave me hope for my girl!)

ins1 ins2

Time passed, and I was beginning to think her days of swinging had passed as well.  (sniff, sniff!)   Thankfully, I was wrong.  For the past few weeks, she has been out there multiple times a day.  I haven’t been leaving my door ajar as it’s been COLD, but that hasn’t stopped her one bit.  Today she even ventured out into the rain!

For now, my visions of what could be in that spot will have to be on hold.  And, that’s ok!  I am quite content with my girl swinging the hours away and finding joy in God’s beautiful creation!


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